November 15, 2021

"Great prices ,friendly service ,"
August 22, 2021

"My favorite local place to purchase my guns or ammo, from anything military to just your everyday target shooter they will be able to help."
June 4, 2021

"Larry is one of the best stand up guys out there I will continue buying from him every time I have a chance he stands by his products is very insightful and a downright honest guy"
May 22, 2021

March 23, 2021

"Cowart's is one of the last old local stores in the area. They usually keep a pretty good stock of ammo and firearms when possible, and LOTS of old military uniform stuff, and some basic camping gear. They have some odds and ends for reloading too, but not a regular full selection like Van's in Brandon does. They have the BEST magazine prices in the area that I've found, by a sizable margin. It's also not a hassle to order anything you might need through their store or dealers either; don't hesitate to ask either because they've often been able to get stuff at prices better than what I could find on my own!"